30 ideas for 2030 Mònica Alonso + Alfons Cornella + Fernando L. Mompó + Edmon de Haro - 2014

30 ideas for 2030 is the result of different conversations maintained over several weeks at Infonomia about some of the topics we consider to be the most transcendental in areas related to our projects: innovation, technology, the transformation of organisations and even social change and personal and professional development. The debates have stemmed from one of our favourite themes, rooted in the present but with the intention of predicting the questions and approaches that will became key over the next few years.


Innovadores de Extremadura Epi Amiguet
35 Razones para la colaboración empresarial Fernando L. Mompó
El fenómeno Wi-Fi Antoni Brey
L’Administració pública com a tractor d’innovació Epi Amiguet
Días de 25 horas… Ramon Bori, Laura Miñano
Negocios CO. 50 ejemplos de colaboración empresarial Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros
De la idea a la empresa Marcel Planellas
25 empresas de futuro Valeria Lafita, Fernando L. Mompó & Maria Sanz
The solution begins with co- Alfons Cornella
La Sociedad de la Ignorancia y otros ensayos Antoni Brey, Daniel Innerarity y Gonçal Mayos
Capital intelectual Carlos obeso
Gestión del conocimiento Agustí Canals
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