Negocios CO. 50 ejemplos de colaboración empresarial Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros - 2013-03-28

During the last four years Co-society® has actively searched and shared the best examples of business collaboration from all over the globe. Companies of seemingly unrelated industries are asking themselves new questions and developing new products and services. These companies are seeing first-hand the innovation that is created when two heads come together. As it is clear that innovative ideas arise from chance meetings between companies, there is a need for a system to facilitate these connections.

We have taken the model to other countries, many of which are already starting their own co-societies. An array of businesses, from start-ups to well-established companies have chosen to collaborate because two heads are better than one. This adventure is not free of difficulty, but when working together the possibilities of a project are magnified; sharing resources and expertise multiplies innovative potential. The most adventurous, and tenacious individuals are combining their talent and resources to bring innovation to all facets of business. The audacity to collaborate is becoming a decisive factor in the prospects of all companies. We focus on 50 companies who have already taken the leap towards a co-future.


Penélope y Ulises Fabio Tropea
Sabadell Innova II Silvia Llombart y Beatriz Silva
Innova.vic María Sanz
Mataró, la classe creativa emergeix Ramon Bori
Manual de uso del blog en la empresa Alberto Ortiz de Zarate
What-if Ona Original idea: Alfons Cornella · Text: Gina Clotet · Illustrations: Sílvia Morilla · Design: Curro Astorza
Negocios CO. 50 ejemplos de colaboración empresarial Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros
Verne: tools to inovate Alfons Cornella, Carles Malet, Fernando López Mompó, Josep Lluís Sànchez Brugarola
De la idea a la empresa Marcel Planellas
Centrales de compra y servicios Fernando L. Mompó
L’Administració pública com a tractor d’innovació Epi Amiguet
Sanidad en un mundo digital Albert Oriol
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