The solution begins with co- Alfons Cornella -

This book gathers 50 ideas and examples of why the world is becoming a co-world. As a species, we either collaborate or perish, and the same is true for societies. Let’s prepare to witness a revolution in which we are the protagonists. The road to a collaborative society and economy is inevitable. The alternative is failure.

A powerful, yet hardly perceptible change is leading us from the unproductive dead end of individualistic consumer culture to the power of group collaboration. Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, as we wade through the depths of a financial crisis, collaborative, cross-sector projects are making an impact and standing out.

The power of multiplying assets that already coexist in our system is evident personally (collaborative consumption), organizationally (business intersections) and socially (activism). In an era of fascination with networks (the Internet, social networking, globalization), the key is realizing that connections matter more than the connector.


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