At Infonomia we have long been interested in education. More specifically, we have focused on how education should evolve to answer to the demand of a new set of skills and mindsets that society and people need to address current and future challenges more effectively.


Our different projects in this field include, among other tasks, dynamising connections between teachers, optimising the discovery of talent and nourishing it, creating content and methodologies for entrepreneurial training, and managing think tanks at universities and other education organisations.



Notable education projects



UNIVERSITAS TELEFÓNICA: Workshop-based analysis of opportunities for Telefónica’s Corporate University, and design of a conceptual framework for the display of programs connected to projects (a project-oriented business training for professionals. Universitas Telefónica.

UNIVERSIA STRATEGIC PLAN: Design of the strategic planning for the community of the Spanish-speaking universities around the world (1200 universities), as the result of several workshops with university managers in several LatAm countries. Fundación Universia.

UNIVERSIDAD.ES: Workshop-based analysis of opportunities for a potential common brand ( to be used by most Universities based in Spain, and design of a set of actions to be taken to foster such a common brand.

UPC 2020: A dynamic think tank based on 6 sessions with total of 150 attendees (teachers, researchers, managers, administrative staff and students), aimed at outlining a strategic plan for the University in 2020.

DOCTORIALS: One-day event for doctorate students to help them learn about post-doctorate, academic, research and business opportunities and potential professional career paths. Event hold for several years in a row.

FUTURE OF MASTER DEGREES: A dynamic think tank, structured in 7 sessions with 10 attendants on each one, with the goal to outline a strategic plan addressing the future needs of professional and management training.

INNOVATION EDUCATION PROFILES: A project to identify, interview and analyze 50 innovative professors, in order to detect why they became innovators, what are they drivers, and how to establisk a platform to connect them and thus generate synergies.

E3 MOVEMENT: Design, building and dynamics of a community of thousands of high-school professors to convert their ideas into projects (goals, structure, benefits, resources, etc), in order to establish the basis of a “market” for education projects.

TIENES TALENTO: A program to help children and teens to discover their unique talents by playing and developing projects for the community. The program consists of an educational kit in 4 modules (talent-discovery-project-laboratory). Educators and teachers have there the physical and digital tools especially selected to help children discover their PASSIONS through apps, tutorials youtube, or robotics kits.

KIT CAIXA JOVES EMPRENEDORS: A complete program to foster entrepreneurship in high schools in Spain. Based on interactive contents, with full explanation of activities to professors. Used in 400 schools the first year and some 800 during the second. With an accompanying physical space at CaixaForum museum, to materialize the four stages that convert a restless mind into an entrepreneur (the first such space in the World).

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