Our VERNE model

In the VERNE® model innovation is structured around the systematic detection  of problems and opportunities within an organisation’s business model. The task of an innovation team is to periodically monitor a business model in order to identify problems and opportunities and convert them into challenges on which to act.

The innovation cells are groups created ad hoc. They are organised with the purpose of responding to the challenges determined by the innovation team, and following  a process defined by VERNE®.

Their objective is to propose and validate prototypes that will allow them to approach company directors with a decision on whether or not an opportunity to convert challenges into projects exists. These projects are then developed by corresponding areas of the business.

The contributions of all members of the organisation are conveyed shared via a bank of ideas, which is a melting pot for all types of ideas, particularly those related to the needs of the business model. From time to time spontaneous innovation cells could also emerge in certain parts of the system.


The Verne model has four principal components:




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