Our aim of spreading innovation culture among individuals, businesses and organisations of all types is embodied in a wide variety of products and services.

We have designed and held events in different formats that have attracted the keen interest of hundreds of people. National and International events such as IFest, Renacer, Update or Radical is Normal, some of which have been held annually during more than a decade, allow us to act as innovation catalysts and instigators.


Creating connections and relationships that spark innovation is another of our specialties. We have created an online community of intellectually keen people with over 5,000 members. Several times each year our Co-Society project brings together managers responsible for innovation from more than 30 significant companies and organisations.

We also distribute news about innovation through diverse media and formats (books, videos, magazine articles, etc.), including our ad-hoc specialised reports on innovation intelligence.


 A visual talk on the disruptions that will shake the world

These days we have to be prepared for almost anything from science, technology, and social behaviour. Because of this, we’re going to have to be much bolder in our thinking, which will mean we need to be constantly up to date on the latest developments in the world. Managing and communicating such accelerated development will be one of the great challenges for the near future. RADICAL IS NORMAL is a talk on how what at one time we saw as radical very rapidly becomes completely normal. It also serves as inspiration to be more radical in our thinking about new solutions that can add new value to our business.

 Innovation Radar for early detection of inspiration and opportunities


The new demographic, socioeconomic and technological trends are creating market opportunities that become real growth for those who can apply imaginative solutions. But the chance to make the most of a rapidly changing context implies the necessity of a faster reaction. With Smart Watching Infonomia offers a business intelligence tool for an earlier and smarter detection of new opportunities, and an excellent source of inspiration and stimulus for innovation processes.

 We help to address current and present challenges in education



At Infonomia we have long been interested in education. More specifically, we have focused on how education should evolve to answer to the demand of a new set of skills and mindsets that society and people need to address current and future challenges more effectively. Our different projects in this field include, among other tasks, dynamising connections between teachers, optimising the discovery of talent and nourishing it, creating content and methodologies for entrepreneurial training, and managing think tanks at universities and other education organisations.

Learn about some of Infonomia’s education projects.

 Spreading the word of innovation on paper and in bits



Since 2002 we have published more than 50 books on how organisations are innovating. Unfortunately, some of our books are out of stock, but many are under the creative commons license and can be downloaded in pdf. Some hard copies are also still available for sale in offline and online bookshops.


Helping to form valuable connections


Infonomia Group in LinkedIn 


Helping to make valuable connections has been in Infonomia’s DNA from the very beginning. From how our events are designed to current projects as Co-Society, it’s been always part of our mission to encourage innovative people to meet.

Our community of 5,000 Infonomistas has grown over time to become one of the most important groups in social networks like Linkedin,

where issues related to innovation, technology, and transformation of organisations are constantly discussed.

On the other hand, Co-Society offers a unique value proposal as a platform in which innovation teams from different businesses can combine their assets in a systematic way to create new products and services.

Events for innovation inspiration and innovators to meet

We have designed and held a variety of festivals and assemblies, from events such as the international business innovation meeting IFest to the social gathering RENACER, focusing on inspiring guests with arts and science. The national and international events NEXT and UPDATE offer the most relevant insights and ideas to come over the next year, while the most recent RADICAL IS NORMAL event focused on disruption, with an special emphasis on the latest scientific and technological advances and the effect they could have on all kinds of business and industries.


A shortcut to the 10 most relevant ideas for the coming months.


An international business innovation meeting.


A social gathering to get inspired by science, business, arts and entrepreneurship.


An annual event to envision what's coming in the next year in different sectors.


 TV and magazines on innovation

In addition to its books, Infonomia also publishes content on innovation in other formats. First under the title of Papeles de Infonimia and later as IF Magazine, the 74 issues of our magazine offer a valuable amount of food for thought and inspiration in the form of hundreds of articles and cases. With a similar aim, Infonomia TV offers dozens of videos with cases and expert interviews on web 2.0, innovation, business, education, future, creativity, and more.


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