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Since 2002 we have published more than 50 books on how organizations are innovating. Unfortunately, some of our books are out of stock. But others are under the creative commons licence and can be downloaded in pdf. Spread the word!

RADICAL IS NORMAL. 40 IDEAS SOBRE EL FUTURO INMINENTE Autor: Alfons Cornella · Relator: Fernando López Mompó
What-if Ona Original idea: Alfons Cornella · Text: Gina Clotet · Illustrations: Sílvia Morilla · Design: Curro Astorza
Infonomia: 20 Years Infonomia
35 Razones para la colaboración empresarial Fernando L. Mompó
30 ideas for 2030 Mònica Alonso + Alfons Cornella + Fernando L. Mompó + Edmon de Haro
Verne: tools to inovate Alfons Cornella, Carles Malet, Fernando López Mompó, Josep Lluís Sànchez Brugarola
Ideas x Valor = Resultados. Cómo innovan los mejores Alfons Cornella
Visionomics, el libro de Alfons Cornella Alfons Cornella
The solution begins with co- Alfons Cornella
Negocios CO. 50 ejemplos de colaboración empresarial Teresa Turiera & Susanna Cros
Co-society insights
25/50 Dos generaciones, un mismo tiempo Alfons Cornella & Berta Segura
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