Smart Watching

Smart Watching is an Innovation Radar service for organisations and businesses of all sizes and industries that are interested in discovering or increasing their knowledge of innovation-related trends, challenges and opportunities linked to their business model, products or services.



Depending on each organisation’s needs and aims, Smart Watching can be produced in a wide variety of formats, from the regular publication of a number of references to an ad-hoc one-off and highly specialised report.

Smart Watching

Smart Watching usually delivers its content in a series of doses of innovation that offer a fast but intensive reading. These innovation doses can refer to a variety of potentially inspiring aspects such as:


Innovation doses inform about the WHAT and the HOW of these aspects, but most importantly, about WHY you and your organisation should be in the know, linking that specific knowledge with innovations and trends from other sectors or suggestions about how it could be maximised in your company or industry.


Smart Watching Services can influence a wide variety of aims and needs of any kind of company or department, such as:



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