What we do

We foster innovation in organizations by helping them build their own innovation models which tailor to their needs and capabilities.

As a starting point of every project we work with our VERNE Model®, which is the synthesis of our experience having created more than 100 innovation projects for clients in all sectors.

Our projects cover a broad scope of topics, from re-thinking the customer experience for a large cinema exhibitor,

to developing an innovation model for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies; from helping a bio cluster with their strategic vision, to igniting business opportunities between the smartest teams of the world’s best companies.

We also inspire innovation managers and teams through our talks and workshops, such as Radical is Normal, and through our watching mechanisms (systems that use business criteria to detect trends and opportunities).

We strongly believe on new education paradigms, and we work to make them come true.

Notable projects

Futbol Club Barcelona: VERNE program, through 7 cells to estimulate cross innovation in the Club.

Frit Ravich: A VERNE project to detect and work out some new opportunities on products, services and processes in the snack industry.

Esteve: A VERNE project to detect and prototype some new opportunities on products, services and processes in the pharma and health industry.

Ferrer: A VERNE EXPRESS project to visualize and evaluate some new opportunities on products, services and processes in the pharma and health industry.

Casa Batlló:Design and organization of a workshop about augmented experience, where professionals coming from different “flavour” of the field could share teir knowledge and projects.

Bist Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology: A workshop to explore the potential collaboration between scientists and researchers coming from different institutes under the BIST organization.

Fundacion CEDE:A project to explain the business opportunities for the next 10 years, in 20 main areas. For each sector there is a one-page text, a list of digital resources, and a motion-graphics video. Results available here. Map of final videos available here.

Gas Natural:A workshop with some 300 professionals from the company aimed at discovering new opportunities on how to respond faster to inputs from the environment (so, on how to become a responsive organization).

Volkswagen:Preparation and delivery of the 2016 Master Class, about innovation and business transformation, for some 400 professionals in the Spanish business unit of the corporation.

Abbvie:A VERNE EXPRESS project to detect and work out some new opportunities on products, services and processes around some specific diseases.

Danode Water: WORKSHOP to streamline selection of potential new products.

Ajuntament de Barcelona: DATABASE of startups and innovative companies in Barcelona.Geografies de la innovació.

BASF: WORKSHOP to improve security issues at factories.

BASF: WORKSHOP to estimulate stakeholders to bring ideas in the context of the Barcelona Creator Space Tour 2015.

REPSOL: WORKSHOP on methodologies for idea exploration.

Fundación CEDE: WHITE PAPER about 20 relevant trends that will affect leadership in the next decade.

ARACOOP: WORKSHOP to detect potential synergies between cooperatives.

RAC: Report on potential business around the sharing economy

Abbott: a VERNE Project to organize and activate innovation cells in the Spanish branch of this pharmaceutical company.

Cuatrecasas: a VERNE Project to organize and activate innovation cells in this large Spanish law firm.

Sanofi: a VERNE Project to organize and activate innovation cells in the Spanish branch of this pharmaceutical company.

Torres: a VERNE Project to organize and activate innovation cells in the headquaters of this global wine company.

Fundació LaCaixa - jovenes emprendedores: development of a program to push entrepreneurship in primary and secondary schools in Spain.

Fundació LaCaixa - Tens Talent: ideation and deployment of a new concept of talent development with social impact at the network of after-school spaces in Spain.

TOTAL: A talk for top-level managers on how to create a culture of innovation through a proven methodology of innovation cells that build on problems and opportunities in order to develop challenges and prototypes.

HP: Designing and developing a workshop for the exchange of ideas, experiences and the discovery of opportunities in strategic areas of the company’s large format printer division, with the participation of competitors and client companies.

Casa Batlló Seeking to define a supporting idea to complement the current core idea through a process of exploring the environment, the identification of activities, resources, products, services and experiences that can be implemented, as well as detecting potential collaborations to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the project.

Cinesa: Carrying out an exploration on the future of cinemas.

Kibuc: Creating a plan for a new business model and flagship showroom.

Pompeu Fabra University: Creating a task force on the future of graduate programmes.

Fundación Príncipe de Girona: Considering the logic of the Impulsa conference for encouraging entrepreneurial talent in young people.

Gas Natural: Creating and holding a workshop on innovation opportunities for different business sectors within the company.

Puig: Creating and implementing a workshop on innovation opportunities for the company’s operations team.

Iberdrola: Producing a new strategic view on the coming energy services.

Ferrovial: Producing a white paper on the future of smart infrastructures.

Santander: Building and activating an innovation community of branch managers.

Novartis: Developing an investigation on intangible brand enhancement.

Fundacion Telefonica: Mobilising a community of education entrepreneurs.

Universia: Organising knowledge to define a shared strategic vision.

CEPSA: Activating an innovation workshop for the Service Station division of CEPSA’s directive counsel.

Telefonica -E3: Producing a white paper for a new model for its corporate university.

Danone: A process of exploring, creating, and fixing opportunities, within the field of knowledge management in the company.

Esteve: Strategy and conceptualisation of the company’s employee portal.

Fundación Vodafone: Exploring the uses of technology for the youngest generations, through the design and execution of a workshop.

Hospital de Sant Pau: A futurology study of the hospital, from the basis of an information system centred on patients and based on dynamic networks.

Pepsico: Developing participative workshops for the identification of new products for specific sectors of the market.

Planeta: Research on products with the potential to be commercialised as a platform for home delivery service.

Santander - Recruiting: Designing and implementing, over consecutive years, a seminar on innovation in business for the top 200 managers of the Santander Group.

Biocat: A study of the opportunities for an organisation able to connect local industry with the abilities of the Catalan community to investigate BioHealth topics, using two paths: postgraduate studies and stimulation of the market.

UPC Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya: Motivation for university professionals and their teams to define future scenarios on the medium-term role and opportunities of a polytechnic.

Santander - TOP 200: The development of research, and a resulting workshop, on trends in the use of social networks in the identification of professionals (recruitment 2.0).

Biocat: Workshops to identify the company’s shared vision of establishing Catalonia as a biobusiness cluster and leader in biotech and biomed research and development within a highly competitive business environment, and which can operate as an economic engine for the country.

Generalitat de Catalunya - Salut: Constructing an interactive map of innovation in the Catalan Health System, with an emphasis on experiences of positive use of ICT in the health sector.

Banesto: Designing and executing a multimedia programme with original infographic content (text and animation) on 21 technologies of interest to small and medium businesses, and a book of 21 innovative initiative experiences in Spain.

Crèdit Andorrà: Defining and incorporating digital strategy into the company’s general strategies, creating an online conceptual model and an information structure for the different sections of the business.

Generalitat de Catalunya - PNRI: Organising and inspiring 22 tables for a debate on the Catalan National Pact for Research and Innovation (PNRI), to create the basis of the Permanent Expert Committee (CPE), with the collection of opinions, proposals for action, concerns and aspirations regarding investigation and innovation, through the participation of over 400 relevant experts from Catalonia’s public and private social and business sectors.

Mediapro - 3.14: The original idea and assessment presented to the production company in the selection of innovative companies for the programme Made in Catalunya, aimed at broadcasting innovation on Catalan television channel Canal 33, with its emphasis on an audience of children and young people.

Aeroports de Catalunya: A development process of 50 high-value motivational aspects to identity services that improve usability and user experience at Barcelona Airport’s terminals.

Generalitat de Catalunya - Doctorials: Over consecutive years, designing and implementing days oriented around discovering the reality of companies and business opportunities for doctoral students at Catalonia’s public universities, in order to promote professional development and orient future Doctors in their professional careers and teach the principles of research and development management.

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